Bubble POP BaLL

Enemies in the BaLL Game

Enemies of the orange BaLL is listed below. Playing tehnique of ther game of "Balloon pop BaLL" shown in the link

  1. Walking chaos
  2. Cloud generator
  3. White Lantern Robot
  4. Red Lantern Robot
  5. Teleporting Mushroom
  6. Knife head Robot
  7. Dark Knight of Shadows
  8. Bubbles
  9. Portals

By clicking on the names of the enemies in the list (click the character names links), you can learn how they act in the game and the defense methods that can be used against them. I recommend you to look at these to Play the Game efficiently.

bubble pop game enemies list

bubble pop game enemies

Game settings for your needs : Game Settings of the Bubble Pop BaLL Game

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