Bubble POP BaLL

Walking chaos in the BaLL Game

One of the most critical dangers in the BaLL Game is this monster walking chaos. He wanders around the playground, seemingly harmless at first and calmly walking back and forth.

Although His nails and teeth in it`s mouth are dangerous in any situation, if you attack him from behind, it`s shape changes and turns into a monster like a character in the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde game and its speed increases.

Walking chaos

Movement type in the game:

  • Walks between two static points.
  • He becomes a monster when he sees danger.
  • He is defeated with 4 hits.
  • Remains motionless after falling.

What to do in the game:

  • The top of his head is his weak point.
  • Attacking from behind is the best solution.
  • Even if it has fallen to the ground, its nails are dangerous.

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