Bubble POP BaLL

How to Play Bubble POP BaLL

After downloading the game, you need to touch the screen with one finger to play it.


  1. If your finger is close to the ball, the arrow showing the throwing power is white, which means the ball goes slower.
  2. When you touch a position far away from the ball while your finger is on the screen, the arrow will turn red and go faster.
  3. You should pay attention to the direction you throw the ball. If a dangerous object comes across the ball, the game is over. You should be careful in which direction you throw the ball, especially when you use an accelerator.
  4. To see the Enemies in the game, look at see this page

The moving dangers in the game consist of monsters with nails and robots with guns. To see the monsters list, see here: Enemies , On the other page, it is also explained how you should behave against enemies.

Bubble Pop Ball Game is a game based on time and skill. However, some sections may be challenging due to time limits. If you want some tolerance regarding the time limit, it is possible to add an additional 20+ seconds to the game by watching the Reward video.

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