Bubble POP BaLL

Bubble POP BaLL Bonuses in Game

There are some features in the bubble pop game that will be useful while playing at some levels.

In the picture below you can see the features called bonuses:

  1. Time enhancer
  2. Protective shield
  3. Speed Accelerator
ball game bonuses

1-Time enhancer

If you receive this bonus, you will gain a +10 second time increase. This feature is not available at every level. However, in cases where you lose the game due to insufficient time, you have the right to get +20 seconds of additional time by watching the Rewarded Video at every level.

2-Protective shield

The protective helmet makes a white ring appear around the game character(orange ball). When you get the protection feature, dangers such as "thorns, sharp nails and knives" cannot harm you. This feature only provides protection for 10 seconds, as soon as the 10 seconds time runs out, the shield will flash and finally disappear.

3-Speed Accelerator

It makes the orange ball (the game hero) move faster. There is no time limit for this bonus, once you earn it it allows you to move fast until that level is finished. When you pass to another level the speed feature disappears.

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