Bubble POP BaLL

Flag in BaLL Game

In some sections, environmental effects such as snow, wind and rain change the functioning of the game.

If you see a flag sign in the game level you are currently on, it means there is a wind or raining effect in that level. Factors such as ice and rain, as well as wind, affect the way it moves.

  1. Wind
  2. Rain
  3. Snowfall


The movement of the ball varies depending on the wind speed. The direction of movement of the flag shows the direction in which the wind affects.


Rain makes the ball`s movement slippery and may limit your visibility.


Snowfall causes the ball`s movement to be more slippery. Especially blocks give a sticking effect. The ball touching the blocks cannot move for 2 seconds.

environment flag

Flag indicating the presence of environmental impacts in Bubble Pop Ball game

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